Jamie thrives in a strong crew and brings a jack-of-all-trades mentality to every production. From his early years working in Special FX makeup, to his experience behind the camera and managing massive amounts of digital files. On an indie set, you'll find him planning for the next setup and trying to anticipate the director's needs, as he's been in those shoes many times himself. 
On fast-paced reality shoots, you'll find Jamie building out picture cars with lighting while running a seamless digital backup system that in 10 years has never lost footage. 

Gear List: 
BMPCC 6K, 1TB SSD drive
Weebil S Gimbal, production level tripod, monopod, Fig Rig
1960's Nikkor Primes: 28mm, 50mm, 85mm
Assorted Lenses: 6.5mm, 24-90mm, 75-300, 10-18mm
Macbook Pro: Creative Suite, Shot Put Pro, Davinci Resolve, VR 360 Suite, Pluralize
Misc Lighting equipment (More detailed list coming soon)
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